Poem: “a letter to myself”

the atlas is limitless, uncharted azure oceans to discover

let the smile mark your chorus, you have nothing to cover

chaos is a friend, the rules only ever made you tense,

remind the world that there is no sin in being intense

stop serving the lie in the mirror, only you know the truth

if you chase what is yours, there is no end to your youth

feel no fear, plant a new earth under every rain cloud

even your deviation from the path makes the path proud

So this one is actually very personal. I wrote it on Saturday (which was my birthday yay!) as a “friendly reminder” to myself. It addresses some struggles I have, mostly with accepting myself with all my flaws and weaknesses, and embracing my creativity without feeling bound by outside expectations. Oh well, added some sparkly ocean on the background to please the eye.🌊 Maybe this speaks to some of you as well 😊

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Photo credits go to @kittaycait


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