About the author

Hi there!

To briefly introduce the girl behind all these words: hi, my name is Ada. Many of you might know me by my Instagram username @fabsensei.

This website is my attempt of bringing some organisation to my growing catalogue of poetry. I have organised my work according to their themes and years – perhaps, you could think of this as a portfolio. WhatsApp Image 2020-08-13 at 13.30.25

But who am I, really? I was born and raised in Finland, although somehow along the way I ended up moving abroad and settling in the United Kingdom. I’m now based in London and in the daytime, you can find me studying to become a specialist Finnish-to-English-to-Finnish translator in the field of social science. At the same time, I am putting in all my efforts to develop myself as a creative writer.

I have been in awe of words ever since I learned to read. Writing started as a hobby that never died out, quite the opposite, my passion for creative writing kept on growing: I ventured into poetry during my teenage years and started drafting my first novel during my undergraduate days.

That said novel is still under progress (I’m working hard, I promise!), and the nickname I have given to the draft is “Chasing Seagulls”. I am beyond excited about this piece of work, and cannot wait to share it with everybody!

Please do support my work by following this WordPress blog, checking out my Instagram, and leaving a comment if you feel like I deserve one! Every single piece of feedback I get helps me a long way (and makes me immensely happy).

With the kindest wishes,