Short poems

Some samples of my older poetry (you can also find more of these on my Instagram @fabsensei 🙂 

Almost Lovers (2015) 

My heart races, just because of the thought of you
waiting for me somewhere
just like I wait for you
letting your heart beat
on and on
taking a step after another
opening a door after another
until your heart
runs out of

Ordinary (2016) 

I need to write this down
before we lose touch
and become automatic

before I wake up and see
how days turn into months
and we become ordinary

Hold On a Minute (2017) 

When you took my hand in yours
and walked me out from my life

Did you ask for permission?
Did you make sure I was ready to give up everything I had
for us?

no, you didn’t.

The Happy Ending (2017) 

No more sad stories,
no more misery
no more looking back

you showed me
I was looking for beauty in all the wrong places

and that the happy ending
can be the most beautiful one

Distance (2017) 

it is all fine during the day
when I have friends around

when I keep myself busy
I know how to smile

but when the lights go out
and the world quiets down

your absence is screaming in my ear

A Thought (2017) 

Why is it that I always have to leave?
Am I scared of them
or are they scared of me?

A Drama Queen (2017) 

You became my happily ever after
the hero of this epos

too bad

I never told you
I am more into tragic endings

Fake Love (2017)

You smile at me, kiss me
but your acting is beginning to fail

On your lips,
our love tastes stale

Empty Words (2018) 

“We are looking at the same moon
and the stars we see
are the same.”

words like this used to mean nothing to me

But ever since you left
I have been looking at the sky
thinking of ways to make you look at it too



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